Ballistics Testing

We developed a sophisticated mathematical model for small arms ballistics a few years ago. This model outperforms leading developments in this field, and makes more accurate predictions than Hornady and StrelokPro calculators. This model is featured in at least two commercial products on the market today.

We keep developing this model, and perform extensive testing of bullet ballistics to improve accuracy of our predictions.

The following video demonstrates a shot at 900 yards with scope corrections calculated using our application. The bullet arrives exactly at the aiming point. If you look very closely, you can see how bullet travels through the air leaving a faint condensation trace.

It was a windy day, with gusts reaching 15 mph and changing direction every few seconds. In the end of the first shooting detail, we achieved the following result

22 shots were fired at the target at 900 yards. Elevations for all of the shots are well within the bullseye. Due to difficult wind conditions, the group is significantly spread horizontally.

The load was with 155gr .308 Lapua Scenar over 46.5gr of Vihtavouri N150 powder using Lapua brass and CCI Benchrest primer. It was fired from a 29″ long barrel with muzzle velocity of about 2950 fps. The rifle was previously zeroed to 109 yards. Elevation correction for 900 yards was calculated as 24.5 MOA, and this correction brought the bullet precisely on target.

We test a whole range of bullets in different calibers to model their ballistic performance as precisely as possible. Here is a range session shooting a CMMG AR15 rifle chambered in .22LR.

Similarly, we test a whole range of air rifle pellets and shotgun shot.

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